The Walking Curves™ Mission

Walking Curves™ is a plus size walking and fitness group, dedicated to the health, wellness and fitness of plus size women. Walking Curves™ is looking to create a sisterhood of women ready to challenge themselves, encourage other plus size women, create a safe place for their concerns and to be an advocate for overall good self-esteem and wholeness. Walking Curves™ doesn’t want to preach to women to be “skinny”; however we do want to build community, accountability, and come together to make fitness fun!

The onset of the Plus Size Revolution has started a plethora of plus size fashion houses, plus size designers, and a huge focus on plus size modeling. However, the conversation about incorporating a fitness regimen for plus size women hasn’t begun…Until NOW!

Nothing on this scale has been done to speak to women in this demographic to stress the importance of health, and to keep the conversation going. Walking Curves™ mission is to take a proactive step toward living your best life no matter what your size. Let’s take control together….We’ll see you at the finish line!