Saturday, July 31, 2010

Healthy Eating: Easy Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet & Sticking to It

As with any fitness regimen, the importance of incorporating good nutrition is vital. Changing your eating habits can be a slow process, however, here are some tips to get you started, and ways to implement new things into your diet...Bon' Appetit!

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Healthy Eating: Easy Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet & Sticking to It

Yours in Health,

Walking Curves™ First Training Day

Well... Day 1 is under our belts and we SURVIVED...Thank Goodness! This is the beginning of our journey toward living our best life and becoming more proactive about our fitness and health. We trained at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, bright and early on Saturday Morning.

The day started with a brisk walk around the park to get warm up, followed by upper body, lower body, stretching, and finished up with a run / walk around the park, to complete the work out. It was a good (and challenging) day had by all, and we're looking forward to next week...Next Stop, Silver Comet Trail!

See you at the finish line...

Yours in health,

Walking Curves™ Kickoff Coctail Party

So before the ladies of Walking Curves and I got started on our journey of participating in this 5k, presented by Kaiser Permanente, a friend of mine suggested that we come together with other interested women in the journey and have a "Last Supper" cocktail party. The idea was to get all of our bad eating out the way, before we shifted gears and begin focusing on the tasks at hand...Training for the 5k.

Plush Boutique, an upscale clothing boutique catering to plus size women, honored us by allowing us to have our party there. In spite of the rain that day, we had a wonderful turn out of excited ladies, along with a good serving of junk food. The dessert certainly DID NOT disappoint, either. We were treated to the infamous 'CAKE BALLS' by Nikki. For all of my ladies with a sweet tooth, this is a danger to you, so STAY AWAY FOR THEM, lol!
Thanks to all of my sponsors for supporting our movement: Plush Boutique, Practical Bodies Fitness and Massage, Gemini Magazine, Daily Venus Diva Magazine, GNC, Life Size Radio, and Divas Unlimited, Inc.
For more information on our sponsors, please visit our page and find the links to their websites.
See you at the finish line,

Welcome to Mad As Hell At the Scale™

Today is Walking Curves first entry for our new blog, "Mad As Hell at the Scale." I am excited about this new addition to the Walking Curves Group and hope you are too. Walking Curves was founded of the prinicples of being a safe place for plus size women concerns as it relates to health and wellness.

Working out is HARD to do, but it can be done! Achieving a goal is HARD to do, but it can be done and this will serve as a place to vent about the many challenges of starting and sticking to a work out regimen, as well as all of the triumphs and victories you attain as a plus size woman, navigating through the world and sometimes the 'clutter' of fitness.

We'd would love to hear about your goals, or even stop by to get inspired. Post images of your journey, and chat with other women about what their doing and how you can incorporate it into your life.

We are planning to participate in our first event, a 5k, presented by Kaiser Permanente in September. The goal is to be the largest group of plus size women EVER to cross the finish line. You should join us! For more information, email and learn more about how you can become apart of this movement...

See you at the finish line,